Letterhead for Cordelia Sparklinglas

Who Are Rex and Cordelia?

About Rex

An industrialist, bon vivant, raconteur, and scofflaw in his youth, Rexford Xerxes Buble-Downe (from the Upper Newport Buble-Downes) was not born with a silver spoon in his mouth; it was platinum and held an ounce of fine sparkling wine. Schooled at Oxford, educated at Cambridge, accepted to Harvard, waitlisted at Cal Poly, Rex was raised within shouting distance of the mean streets and held several acquaintances who may have had a distant family member who once graduated from the school of hard knocks. Starting out with nothing except a trust fund and a dream, Rex turned a meager, insubstantial, hardly-worth-noting $2 million gift from his grandparents into a manufacturing, robofacturing, mining, undermining, overmining, smelting, and importing-exporting dominion. As the saying goes, it took him overnight to become a ten-year sensation.
Desired by many, disliked by few, and envied by a number somewhere in between, Rex’s passion for fine China, the finer things in life and the finest sparkling wine in the world is eclipsed only by his endless pursuit of the love of his life and the one thing he can truly never possess, own, or lease with an option to buy: Cordelia Sparklinglas.

About Cordelia

Birthed similarly to Aphrodite — on a large half clam shell in a secluded bay on the Aegean Sea — humility has never frowned upon Cordelia Elizabeth Victoria Cleopatra Aloysius Sparklinglas. Blessed with the blinding pulchritude of a goddess, the blazing intellect of another goddess, and the brazen wherewithal of a third, more savvy goddess, Cordelia led a restless childhood of curiosity, wonder, and mild dissatisfaction. She spent her days wandering into rooms she was not allowed to enter, and more often than not emerged with a future invitation and a few purloined wallets in tow. Educated monthly at a different elite European boarding school for girls – we can’t tell you which ones because the court records are sealed – Cordelia was immediately thrust into high society and just as immediately rejected its appeal, which only made high society want her more.
Independently wealthy with an empire of her own kept off the books and away from prying bureaucratic eyes, Cordelia today pursues her three primary passions with equal parts mirth and rigor: exotic travel, seeking out the finest sparkling wines in the world, and keeping her part time-paramour Rex Buble-Downe dangling on the end of a very narrow and precarious leash. Sometimes literally.